Realizing a better African future, one deal at a time

Each company we invest in represents an investment in Africa and Africans and a step in unlocking value. By funding and backing amazing teams, we are helping till the soil for a new crop of transformative African companies.


We are making investments in transformative companies that will drive wealth creation in Africa.

Gokada – a SuperApp – is the leading on-demand, last-mile, integrated instant parcel delivery, food delivery and ride-hailing platform in Nigeria

Halo is a fintech community-driven savings and investment app, which is democratising access to finance and wealth-building products and tools

Appzone is a blockchain-powered, decentralised interbank payment network well-positioned to become the payment infrastructure for Africa’s cashless future

Heala makes healthcare accessible through an API-driven plug-and-play platform that enables doctors, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, health insurers and patients to seamlessly interact

Tingtel is an airtime app that allows the unbanked or poorly banked to make  transfers and payments  with mobile airtime

CreditClan is a fintech  that helps  banks, merchants and  businesses provide credit to consumers across Africa

Omnibiz is a B2B e-commerce platform used by >70K businesses across the FMCG industry to eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional trade by digitising the retail chain

Sabiroad is using innovative supply-chain technology to change the future of logistics in Nigeria

FIG provides credit to Nigerian SMEs through digital marketplaces and business platforms

App Zone


AppZone is a Fintech platform on a mission to digitize and completely automate financial services in Africa.
Products: Banking software, transaction processing, lending automation.



Halo is a firm utilizing technology to make savings and investments intelligible, accessible and affordable to Nigerians.
Products: Savings, investments, personal finance tools.


Let’s Build Africa’s Future.

We believe that Africa offers unique opportunities and unique challenges. We work with entrepreneurs to realize those opportunities and create enterprises that can make a significant impact. Join us today in creating a promising future for Africa.
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