Opportunities for Entrepreneurs & Product Builders

We partner with entrepreneurs and teams who share a similar vision of Africa’s future. Whether you’re building a company that has found product-market fit or a product geek with an innovative idea, we have opportunities for you.


We make investments in start-up and growth-stage companies, as well as co-create, incubate and accelerate early-stage companies. If you have a great business or a great idea for one, we want to hear from you.

Seed Funding

We identify talented entrepreneurs in our investment areas and work with them to transform their ideas into scalable ventures through product building and finding product-market fit. In addition to funding, we provide entrepreneurs with strategic insights and comprehensive support services – from business model validation and talent acquisition to branding and marketing support and customer development.

Growth Funding

We invest growth capital (typically through Series A) in home-grown portfolio companies that have proved product-market fit and need funding to scale, as well as outside companies that we have identified as market leaders.

Constant START

Constant START is our venture studio, where we co-create or incubate start-ups with talented entrepreneurs, providing them with capital and strategic advice to enable them to achieve product-market fit.

Constant HACKS

We host an annual hackathon for product teams to work on identified problems within our investment areas. The most successful participants will gain access to our venture studio or qualify for pre seed / seed round investment.


Work at Constant Ventures & Our Portfolio Companies

We believe Africa is the new frontier and actively partner with those who are exploring untapped opportunities to create wealth for Africans.

Join us today in creating this promising future.

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