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Constant Ventures is offering up to $15m venture fund for West African startups

Financial Services Monitor Worldwide (English) – Wire

An African-led venture capital firm, Constant Ventures focused on catalysing growth in Africas largest economy, is launching a $100 million venture capital investment fund for digital firms with a focus on financial inclusion, education, and healthcare.

From assisting to establish firms in its venture studio to participating in pre-seed through Series A rounds, Capital Ventures has been an angel investor in African entrepreneurs and a supporter of the African technological ecosystems development.

So far, Capital Ventures has invested over US$3.2 million in nine Nigerian start-ups including Halo, Gokada, Appzone, Tingtel, Heala, Sabiroa, CreditClan, FIG. and Omnibiz yielding a 5.6x return and a 15x return following the next round of funding.

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