We invest in companies building Africa’s future

Constant Ventures is an impact-focused venture capital fund investing in startups in Africa. We invest in, incubate and accelerate early and mid-stage innovative companies that provide products and services capable of driving scalable wealth creation in Africa and therefore, superior returns on our investments.


Innovate. Build. Impact.

We invest in Africans and Africa through our Seed & Early Capital Fund and our Growth Fund.

Seed Fund

We identify early promise in entrepreneurs and opportunities and back them with the resources needed to find product-market fit.

Growth Fund

We identify and participate in later-stage opportunities that have found product-market fit and need expansion capital.


Reassess Africa’s Growth Potential

Africa is a diverse market filled with opportunities cloaked as challenges. The application of technology, especially information technology, provides new paths to harness these opportunities. We believe that we can only achieve sustainable growth and generate significant returns for our investors if we back companies in sectors that can positively impact the economic and social life of Africans.

Inclusive Finance

Access to Africa’s working & middle class


Efficient platforms for the exchange of goods & services


Providing access to affordable healthcare


Developing Africa’s talent

New Media

Telling Africa’s stories

Renewable Energy

Creating & sustaining clean energy


Let’s Build Africa’s Future.

We believe that Africa offers unique opportunities and unique challenges. We work with entrepreneurs to realize those opportunities and create enterprises that can make a significant impact. Join us today in creating a promising future for Africa.
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